terça-feira, 27 de setembro de 2011

Performers in Telepresence - watch it right now!

The 'Project Test Tube' announces: Performers in Telepresence
The production team is working to broadcast the performances - live on the internet.

Prepare yourself to the event "Borders", which can be seen from anywhere in the world, on http://www.mever.com.br/
october 1st, 9h pm BRA
october 1st, 8h pm USA
october 2nd, 2h am ING
october 2nd, 8h pm BRA
october 2nd, 7h pm USA
october 3rd, 1h am ING

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  1. legal, é muito bom conhecer outros trabalhos das equipes da UNB,pois são todos bem interessantes!
    adorei a ideia!